Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-23-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 3/23/17

Show Topics

  • Vaccination/autism controversy – Do vaccines actually cause autism? Rich obviously plans on vaccinating his child but is curious as to other parents experiences with vaccinations and autism. Covino says he has a cousin who became autistic after being vaccinated – he still vaccinated his child though. Spot points out that millions of people are vaccinated and did not develop any autism.
  • Comedy controversy – Dave Chappelle is getting backlash from the LBGTQ+ community for his transgender jokes on his special. The guys agree that the point of comedy is to make light of what’s going on, to take something serious and to make people laugh. At what point are comedians crossing a line? Are they crossing a line at all? Rich asks if the “if you don’t like it, don’t watch/listen” mentality is flawed. They come to the conclusion that it isn’t flawed, comedy doesn’t come from an evil place – it’s meant to be fun, and if you are particularly sensitive then you shouldn’t participate in watching it.

  • Behind the velvet rope – C&R have a big meeting today and wonder if anyone else understands the odd feeling in meetings. In any big meeting, you are selling yourself in a way – is it the oddest feeling ever having to make this person that dramatically change things for you understand what you’re all about? Spot also suggests putting a carrot in your butt to break the tension, but it doesn’t go over well
  • School in Illinois is assigning prom dates – Covino found this story online about a high school assigning prom dates. Has the idea of inclusion gone too far with this? The guy agree that the nerves behind asking someone to the prom or worrying about finding a date is all part of the high school process. It’s a right of passive of sorts and kids shouldn’t be told who they’re going to prom with because once they get there they are going to ditch their dates.

  • Covino scratches a few things off of his list – Maria Menounos’ show had technical difficulties yesterday so C&R hopped on the mic to save the show from dead air, a guy in New York smuggled gold in his butt, Marc Anthony has a new 21 year old girlfriend, a kid drinking and playing darts puts his fingers around the bulls eye of the dartboard and the dart goes through his finger, Titanic tours are happening in 2018, a prankster goes to an exotic car show and messes with people’s cars





  • Push presents – a listener asks Rich if he’s getting Sara a push present for when she has the baby. C&R had never heard of push presents. Covino gets annoyed that literally everything has to be a spectacle. He doesn’t like anything that feels like a requirement or expectation. Why can’t you just do something nice without labeling it. Anything with labels makes Covino uncomfortable.