Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-22-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 3/22/17

Show Topics

  • Spot has been trying to get Rich to watch Love on Netflix – Rich has refused to watch it until now. Spot expresses his frustration because the only reason he wants to watch it now is because Opie mentioned it on his show yesterday. Rich says that that’s not true, that he’s heard from a lot more people lately that the show is really good so he’ll give it a shot.

  • C&R Chappelle Review – C&R sat down to watch the new Dave Chappelle Netflix special. They loved it! They thought it was great. Both Covino and Rich like the first part of the special more than the second part. The guys noticed that Chappelle had a lot of white support in the crowd, and wonder if Chappelle has lost credibility in the black community. Between the two of them they try to measure Chappelle’s fame – he isn’t really a superstar anymore. Kevin Hart is probably the leading man in comedy right now. Chappelle is still huge and iconic but it’s not the same,

  • Covino is hosting a corporate event this weekend – Covino is heading to Utah for a Subaru event. Rich and Spot bash on Covino for the event and make it seem like a low level job he’s taken. Covino gets annoyed with them for giving him a hard time. He doesn’t understand that when Rich does these events it’s a cool thing for him to do but Covino gets crap when he does one.
  • Millennial media – how long until millennial media (like YouTube, Facebook, etc.) makes an  impact? People get millions of views online for their videos versus network television or conventional news formats. It takes a lot more views for kids to make money off of this stuff. C&R discuss how the views translate and what those views mean in terms of the audience.

  • Covino crosses things off of list – There’s another new spring break trend, thigh gap jewelry, a woman’s vagina apparently had teeth and it ripped her boyfriend’s penis, LeBron talking about LaVar Ball, players sitting out, a cheeky fan asks Rob Federer for a photo, the conspiracy surrounding the nine doctors murdered who were responsible for identifying cancer enzymes, and Shaq thinks the earth is flat.




  • The worst reasons to stop in the middle of having sex – Rich’s worst reason is because he slipped out of a girl in college and accidentally put it back in the wrong place. Covino is dumbfounded that this happened to Rich – it’s never happened to him.  Spot’s worst reason for stopping sex was because of anger.
  • And Shaquille O’Neal thinks the Earth is flat?!?