Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-21-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 3/21/17


Tom Payne – Walking Dead star promoting new movie Mindgamers

Show Topics

  • C&R take a look back – C&R take a stroll down memory lane, looking at their old photo galleries on their website and wonder why they didn’t sleep with more of these women that would stop by their studio. They have some regrets about not sleeping with some of these women. The guys talk about how they really did take advantage of the 20s, considering they were in relationships through some of the Maxim days but still played their Stiff-O-Meter games. Check out our gallery for all the photos from C&R past
  • Dave Chappelle returns – The new Dave Chappelle Netflix special. C&R touch on how Chappelle has been pretty salty towards Comedy Central and Key & Peele since his show ended. The guys wish that Chappelle would be more happy about breaking a barrier in his industry rather than wanting more credit for it.

  • Dad life – Rich’s wife had her 4D ultrasound yesterday and it was really weird. The technology blows Rich’s mind. Rich is pretty decided that he’s not going to take time off when they baby is born, but he wants to do the show from home. C&R talk about possible baby names, and how ready Rich is for the baby to be born.
  • New Wonder Woman trailer – there is an uproar on the internet because Gal Gadot, the new Wonder Woman has shaved underarms in the trailer. People are upset because her having shaved underarms is unrealistic and it is an unrealistic portrayal of women. C&R agree that this is a stupid argument. Wonder Woman is a comic book character, there is nothing realistic about it. Covino says that this version of feminism is ridiculous and way over the top – no wants a woman to go unshaven like that.

  • Spring Break Brawl in South Padre – a new form of humiliation is upon us. A video went viral of two girls fighting while on Spring Break. One of the girls gets knocked out and girl stands over her and twerks over her body while she’s unconscious. Covino mentions how embarrassing this must be for the parents of these girls. It’s trash behavior – but if you want to humiliate someone even more, knock them out and twerk over them.

  • Gender assignment – In one way or another, Spot brings up the children transitioning their genders and is stirs a conversation about why children are being allowed to decide their genders at such a young age. Covino thinks that as a parent, you have to push them in the right direction. These decisions shouldn’t be made by a child. They  need to be a little older to really know if transitioning their gender is the right choice for them.
  • Tom Payne in studio promoting his film, Mindgamers. Payne talks all things about his character on The Walking Dead, maintaining his look, how The Walking Dead consumes his life, his growing career in Hollywood, and the science experiment that is his new film.