Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-15-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 3/15/17

Show Topics

  • Car sex story – Rich makes a comment of car partners leading C&R into a conversation about car sex. Rich has never had car sex and Covino thinks that it’s crazy that he hasn’t had car sex. Everyone has had car sex! Covino says that car hook ups were some of his most memorable/fun. Rich mentioned that one time a girl in college wanted to interview him while he was working late nights at the college radio station late at night and she was flirty the entire time and wanted to go back to his car. He was too worried about getting his new car dirty and gross so he couldn’t hook up with her. Covino remembers one time he was driving the engineering van from a previous radio station that you could broadcast from and he would hook up with girls in the van. He points out that when you ask women about their most memorable sexual experiences, it usually revolves around them being outside or in public places where they have the potential to get caught. Rich could never have risky sex like that because he’s too worried about getting caught.
  • Viral news story of a couple getting caught on CCTV having sex in a Domino’s pizza – A couple in the UK were waiting in a Dominoes to order and they get caught on camera performing sexual acts. The video and story went viral and now the couple have spoken out. Apparently this is the woman’s signature move and is something she has been known to do. They are not making fun of themselves by taking photos with Domino’s pizza and laughing about the whole experience.


  • Solo Vegas trips – Rich is Las Vegas just for the day for a work event. This is the first time Rich has gone to Las Vegas by himself and is oddly relaxed. He points out that usually Vegas trips are associated with smutty adventures with your friends or fun weekends with your girlfriend but he never thought of it as a place to go by yourself just to relax. He labels it a league winner on places to go to relax and keep yourself entertained. He hung out by the pool, played some blackjack, hung out in the hotel room, and feels the most relaxed he’s been in months.
  • Baby names – Rich posted to Facebook asking people how they went about naming their kids. Did they have names picked out ahead of time or did they wait until the baby was born? C&R go through the different ways to name Rich’s child, what names they are thinking about and how Covino should have a service where he takes the potential names of people’s children and runs them through every possible scenario to see if the name could be mocked in any way. Covino can literally mock anything so they think it could be a successful business.
  • What’s going on in the news today – Lavar Ball continues to make his outrageous claims about how good he and his sons are in basketball. He thinks they should get $1 billion dollar endorsements for his family and says he could have beat Michael Jordan in his prime. There is a new Matrix movie in the works – WB is working on putting out a new movie in the franchise with Michael B. Jordan as the possible star of the film. Will Smith photo goes viral because he is slowly morphing into Uncle Phil and The Walking Dead continues to pull big number on AMC even though it’s been a bit stale. It seems like TWD has about five seasons left and is quite possibly one of the biggest dramas of all time.
  • Friend in need – Listener Henry calls into C&R to ask for some advice. Henry was fired from his company that he worked for almost 30 years. Henry was let go because he was constantly having to take calls or leave work because of his special needs child. He spoke to multiple lawyers and all of them suggested that he let it go because discrimination cases like this usually don’t go far in his home state of New Jersey. C&R both agree that it is really a low blow for this company to let him go because of this but perhaps it would be best to move on and reinvent himself and start over fresh.