Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-13-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 3/13/17

Show Topics

  • Getting amped up for baseball season – Covino pretends like spring training baseball doesn’t exist to get more excited for opening day
  • Clint Frazier’s hair – Yankees prospect forced to cut his longer hair, are the Yankees grooming rules antiquated?, Covino believes in the tradition, Rich thinks it will scare away millennials from wanting to conform, Yankees still have the prestige to want to play for the team so most would do it, highlight Derek Jeter’s discussion on losing from Steiner Sports interview

  • Covino gets a new dog – opportunity for a cheap dog popped up, Covino decided to get a new dog for his daughter, Spot advised against it but he still went ahead with it
  • Rich is ready to “Eat Clean Bro” – getting prepared for events, always have a milestone in mind that you want to look good for, like when you were in school you always had certain dates or times of year you looked forward to
  • Viral video of The Jizzle – old clip that’s making the rounds on Facebook, Covino thought it was hilarious but the rest of us thought it was gross

  • Rich’s Baby Shower recap – had a Jack and Jill shower in NY with all of his friends, great to get everyone together to celebrate and see old friends,
  • People with multiple kids live a crazy life – Rich stayed with a friend over the weekend and they had 2 kids, got to experience parent life first hand, realize that our bosses have families and real lives, sort of like seeing your teacher outside of school, even though it’s illegal do jobs discriminate against people with families since they may be more distracted from the job
  • New spring break trend – the double team luge, taking a drink of beer off a girl, one guy in the front and one in the back, The College Babes Instagram posted it, any guy would jump at the chance to do this with a hot girl, Covino gets uptight about it

  • Rich binge watched Naked & Afraid on the plane – got engulfed in the premise of the show, thing you would worry about the most, weird walking around barefoot

  • Viral Video – bad jokes with NFL players, 2 players go head to head telling horrible corny jokes, and whoever laughs first, loses.  Funny clip

  • Spot’s News – Tyra Banks new host of AGT, Dolphin attacks a surfer, Ed Sheeran to make a cameo on Game of Thrones, Kong: Skull Island tops the box office, Charlize Theron trained with Keanu Reeves for Atomic Jane