Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-9-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 3/9/17

Show Topics

  • Rich did something embarrassing and instead moving on, he made it worse – Yesterday Rich was leaving the studio. At Sirius they see a lot of familiar faces but they don’t necessarily know everyone. Rich ran into a guy that he thought he knew as he was getting off of the elevator. He greeted the guy and gave him a hand shake and bro hug and it turns out it wasn’t who he thought it was – it was the guy’s doppelganger. The random guy told Rich that he had the wrong guy. Now Rich is embarrassed but has to show this stranger a picture of the guy Rich actually knows on Facebook, only to realize that Rich has no idea what the guys last name is so Rich goes on to call SiriusXM to ask for the last name of person so he can show the doppelganger. It was really awkward, lasted too long, and Rich made the whole thing worse
  • Shawn Mendez sexually harassed by Katy Perry – Katy Perry grabbed his butt at the iHeart Music Awards. Apparently on the internet, it says Shawn Mendez was offended and that it’s unacceptable. The headlines about sexual harassment are ridiculous. Rich thinks that this is an acceptable double standard – no guy is going to be mad if Katy Perry grabs their butt. It’s all fake outrage.

  • There’s a new sex doll in town – His name is Gabriel and it has an eleven inch penis. It’s a terrifyingly realistic doll and it has complete customization when you order it. Covino thinks women are becoming just as gross as guys now with their sexual preferences. What would you do if a girl you were dating had this doll? Covino wouldn’t be cool with this at all if a girl he was seeing had this doll. The guys talk Gabe-pothetical situations as to whether or not they would perform on Gabriel the sex doll to please a woman they were trying to sleep with.

  • Rich’s baby shower is this weekend – Rich brings up that they aren’t doing a traditional baby shower because no one likes them. They are doing a brunch with their family and friends. Covino didn’t really know that traditional baby showers have cheesy games, and he attributes it to it being “white people” stuff. This sparks a bit of rage because it’s not white people stuff, it’s tradition for any baby shower. Covino’s family has never done baby showers or anything like that. Covino acts like he is really ethnic when he is the least ethnic around. After the bickering, Rich mentions that some people have given them the “I might be there,” response and Rich doesn’t know how to bring it up to them that they need to RSVP especially since they’re paying per head. Covino plays devil’s advocate for waiting so long to RSVP – sometimes people aren’t ready to commit to an event because they aren’t sure what will come up. Spot thinks that’s just rude. If you want to go to an event, you RSVP and if something comes up then you figure it out.