Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-8-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 3/8/17

Show Topics

  • Spot has given up – Covino says that Spot smells like food today. Rich says it’s the downfall of being  a great chef, you always smell like food. But on top of that, Spot didn’t even comb his hair. He rolled out of bed this morning. He usually wakes up and showers and is a little more put together – not today. Rich brings up that Spot smelling like food is that people don’t realize that they smell. Like cat owners are nose blind to litter box smells, Spot doesn’t realize that smells like food because he’s always in the kitchen.
  • Rich went to dinner with one of their bosses and he had never seen what Spot looked like before he beard. The boss had never seen “Model Spot.” Will Spot lose his personal identity if he lost the beard? Rich thinks that Spot looks more handsome without the beard but it’s become a part of who he is. C&R go over the evolution of Spot.
  • College student who is a magician gets pulled over – Cops pull over a young guy and the cops learn he is a magician. The cops ask him to perform some tricks! The young guy juggles some pins. Covino didn’t want to bring race into the conversation but he is very surprised how comfortable the cops are with this kid. He doesn’t think a person of color would treated this person. Covino thinks the kid was drunk and used his talent to his advantage. Rich gets mad the Covino ruins the fun story – he doesn’t think that there is anything racial happening here.

  • Someone in Las Vegas was killing sleeping homeless people – The police decide to try to bate the killer by putting a mannequin on the street under some blanket and add a shopping cart and made it look like it was a real person. Their ploy worked and a man attacked the mannequin. The man was arrested and is being held in jail but he necessarily didn’t hurt anyone – because it was a mannequin. They are now trying to tie him to the other murders but it is proving to be difficult.
  • Traits of a narcissist – There’s a study that shows people who stay friends with their ex’s show traits of narcissism . This study is the perfect example of Rich with his ex’s. Spot thinks that Rich is definitely a narcissist. Spot wants to list the symptoms and see’s if Rich identifies with them. Rich says it’s not narcissism – he genuinely cares about his ex and they’re friends. Rich is married, his ex is in a relationship and they’re both very happy. Rich doesn’t find it odd at all, but Spot and Covino think it’s incredibly strange. Covino isn’t mature enough for that kind of relationship with an ex.

  • Covino’s daughter, Melody wants him to perform in her school talent show with her – Covino plays guitar while Melody sings all the time. She really wants him to perform in the school talent show but he really doesn’t want to. He gets so anxious for Melody, at the last talent show he almost fainted for her. He doesn’t want to screw it up so bad that he isn’t going to do it. Spot and Rich try to convince him that he needs to do it and that it would make Melody so happy.