Covino & RichShow Recap: 3-2-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 3/2/17

Show Topics

  • Rich in in Florida for Mets spring training – it’s a tradition with all of his old school friends. They do it every year. After spring training, Rich is heading to New York for a family baby shower on the east coast with family and friends.

  • Rich’s travels – Rich’s flight felt like it took forever. He watched La La Land on his flight but hated it. After landing in Fort Lauderdale, he had to make a three hour drive to Orlando. Renting his car took forever and he doesn’t understand why it takes people 20 minutes to rent a car. While he was driving, he listened to a lot of SiriusXM on the road and he listened to a bunch of great stuff. Covino points out how much cross promotion there is for Howard Stern on other channels when Stern is the last person who needs the promotion. Rich heard about someone from Stern’s team getting engaged and making the announcement on Twitter. Howard was really upset buy it, and C&R completely understand his upset. It should have been announced on the Stern show.
  • Rich’s music taste vs. Covino’s music taste – Covino plays a new rock song by Mastadon that he is really enjoying it. Rich doesn’t like it. Rich’s taste in music upsets Covino because he thinks it’s what has been spoon fed to Rich. There is no originality in Rich’s taste in music. Rich defends that just because he’s not really into rock music doesn’t mean that his music taste is bad, it’s just different. Just like Covino thinks all of the pop/top 40 that Rich likes sounds the same, Rich feels the same about rock.
  • Fake outrage – Rich thinks the outrage over Kellyanne Conway kneeling on the Oval Office couch and the drama over Melania’s dress at the congressional address is fake outrage. Why are people choosing to be upset over the most insignificant things. The Conway photo and Melania’s dress outrage are people complaining just to complain, if people really care about these things then they’re wasting their time. Covino agrees, the fake anger is annoying and ridiculous.

  • Beau Biden’s widow dating his brother –  Joe Biden’s late son’s widow is now dating the other Biden brother, Hunter. Joe Biden and his wife give their blessing on the relationship. Apparently the living son, Hunter has children and an estranged wife. C&R ask for people’s opinions on this because to them it’s weird and really shady. While they don’t know all the factors, something seems incredibly wrong about the whole thing.

  • Eat Clean Bro – Covino points out the importance of eating clean. He ruined his workout yesterday by eating junk. Covino is also stunned at how fake Subway meat is. He really thought he was eating fresh. Rich can’t believe that Covino thought he was actually eating healthier.