Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-1-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 3/1/17

Show Topics

  • Happy Ass Wednesday!
  • Quiff hair products – there’s a video online of a product by the company Quiff. It is a glue on hair piece but looks real. The hair piece does not have the look of a toupee or hair plugs. Rich wants to know if this is something people would actually use. Rich shares a story from when he was younger, he had a friend whose father was balding. The father came to pick up his kid at Rich’s house and had a whole new head of hair. Rich was so shocked that he couldn’t stop staring at him. Covino thinks guys should give this hair piece a try, why  not try to look your  best

  • Mall Vigilante video – in a video posted online, a man is trying to stop a shoplifter and he pulls out his gun and starts shooting. In a failed attempt at a citizen’s arrest the man discharges his gun in a parking lot. Covino brings up how this is exactly why not everyone should own a gun and how there are ways to step in without being completely irresponsible like this guy was.
  • Nicole Arbour video on why social media is ruining relationships – Nicole talks about how it is inappropriate for a guy to be liking other women’s photos on Instagram when you are in a relationship. Do yourself a favor and don’t like other women’s photos because it will make your girl upset and insecure in the relationship. C&R don’t want to agree with her, but she has a point. Anyone who argues the point has more value in other woman than their relationship.

  • Trump’s address last night – taking away all of the controversy surrounding Trump, Rich thought it was a good, typical speech. Covino thought it was amusing how Mike Pence gave a standing ovation to everything Trump said. Trump used the work “bing” a lot last night. Someone did a compilation video of all of the “bings.”

  • Rich’s friend Andy is listening to the show – Andy got Rich into radio. When Rich was in college, he was sulking around his dorm after his high school sweetheart broke up with him and invited him to come to the college radio station. This particular story leads into Rich telling everyone how he was dumped because he cheated on his girlfriend, and when he went to go try to win her back – another guy answered her door.
  • News Alerts – Lady Gaga replacing Beyonce at Coachella, Ash Wednesday Selfies are a thing, John Caparulo attacked at his show, Mayweather’s home burglarized, and Disney to introduce their first gay character in Beauty & The Beast