Covino & Rich Show Recap: 1-25-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 1/25/17

Show Topics

  • Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger considering retirement – Covino doesn’t think he’s serious and that he’s doing it for attention. Rich can understand why he would want to retire, they take so many hits and he’s been doing it for a long time.
  • Cab driver doesn’t recognize John Elway – an Uber/Lyft driver in Washington D.C., who is a big football fan doesn’t recognize John Elway in his car. Covino doesn’t believe it – no way he doesn’t recognize that huge man in the back of his car. Rich says that it’s real! People aren’t paying attention to who it in the back of their car when they’re driving. A listener who drives for Uber and Lyft calls to vouch for the driver in the video – he see’s so many people but he isn’t paying attention to who they are.

  • C&R want to hear your Uber/Lyft stories – C&R had a a weird driver that was bragging about he gets so many girls through his Uber driving. Rich brings up how it doesn’t think it would be strange for a good looking guy who’s driving Uber to get a girl’s number or hook up with a few girls. It’s a different world when it comes to cab driving and Uber driving. Uber drivers are a completely different thing, it doesn’t have to same vibe.
  • Man abandons his family to live as a trans age man – 52 year old man living in Toronto transitioned into a woman but has also transitioned back into a 6 year old. He has been adopted by a family who are comfortable with him being a little girl. The family accepts him as a six year old girl. Covino draws the line here, he says there’s no way that his guy doesn’t have some sort of mental illness. If this becomes a thing, Covino is going back to being 11, Rich is going back to being 16.
  • Jose Mangin invited Covino to come down to Seal Beach – He showed Covino around the facilities he works out of. No one is living their dream harder the Jose, Affliction built him a studio and this huge playhouse. Jose sent Covino home with a bunch of Affliction clothing. Rich points out that Affliction is so far from Covino’s style and Covino argues that he can rock any style and he likes the plain Affliction clothing. The two argue about Covino’s style. Covino got stuck in traffic coming back into L.A. and had to go pee in a park bush because he couldn’t hold it.
  • Rich said something offensive yesterday and someone in the office called him out – He said one of the girls on The Bachelor had a man face. A woman in the office said he can’t be saying things like that now the he is going to have a daughter. He didn’t think what he said was that bad. Everyone told him that raising a daughter will make him a better man
  • News alerts – Another girl committed suicide on Facebook live, Rian Johnson shares a photo of Star Wars: The Last Jedi title sequence, a truck with 38,000 pounds of marbles crashed in Indiana, the annual puppy bowl adds three new puppies who are disabled