Covino & Rich Show Recap: 1-24-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 1/24/17



Show Topics

  • Covino was in the market the other day and heard Aqualung “Brighter Than Sunshine” that he loved – the song is way out of Covino’s usual music preferences. He’s turned into Emo Steve-O. C&R discuss how everything that’s going on in your life contributes to the music you like at the moment or start to like. Covino is mad no one shared this Aqualung song with him – he wants people to share things they like with him! Developments in the show bring to light that “Brighter Than Sunshine” was Spot’s wedding song – which is why is sounded so familiar to him. C&R call Spot and Spot thanks them for being such good friends for forgetting his wedding song.

  • Rich has a terrible smell in his apartment and can’t figure out what it is – Covino witnessed Rich google “how to fight the funk in your dishwasher.” No matter what he does he can’t get rid of the strange smell in his apartment. Listeners that have had these issues call in to give their suggestions as to what the smell could be. Rich has a light bulb moment and is now convinced that it is a dead animal in his vents.
  • Is there another football player that could have been a star if given the opportunity but just flopped instead? Covino thinks that anyone in Brady’s position could have thrived. It’s all about timing. Take football out of the picture, being in the right place and the right time plays a huge role in success.
  • A Friend in Need brought to you by Geico – a listener just turned 36, single and very little time to meet women. He’s a truck driver, has a daughter, not so confident and socially awkward. He’s trying to get out of his comfort zone and will be going to a speed dating event this weekend and is looking for tips or advice because he is really nervous. Covino and Rich both agree that he should bring his genuine personality and women will gravitate to it. Rich says to make sure to look put together, no super fancy but nice. While C&R can’t agree on how to act or what to do they do agree being yourself is the best way to go.  Listeners call in with their own dating tips for our listener and encourage him to be confident with who he is.
  • News Alerts – 89th Oscar nominations, Justin Hartley teases more heartbreak for his character on This Is Us, Shia LaBeouf’s four year Donald Trump protest is off to a rocky start, Stranger Things renewed for a second season, and a redhead emoji may be coming soon