Covino & Rich Show Recap: 1-23-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 1/23/17

Show Topics

  • Football snooze fest – Falcons won yesterday. Covino thought the football games were incredibly boring. The Packers were off the entire game. C&R agree that the best teams won. Covino had more fun eating all the snacks Rich made than watching the games. Rich hates to admit that Tom Brady is better than his childhood hero, Joe Montana – Brady is a legend.
  • Robert Kraft’s speech – Owner of the Patriots gave a strange speech after receiving trophy. Covino wants to know if he had a stroke or something, Rich thinks he was just drunk. It was just awkward and strange.
  • New CBS show “Hunted” – a new game show that aired after the games last night. Spot got sucked in right away. The premise of the show is that you have to live off the grid and not get caught by a highly trained team that is hunting you. If they contestants stay off the grid for a month, they win $250,000. Rich thinks he could win.
  • Gold Flake thief update – The Gold Flake thief was arrested in Ecuador! Police released photos of him, one of them being an ET photo with his face on it. Rich doesn’t believe that one of the photos released was an ET photo. Apparently the gold flake thief has been in trouble with the law in the U.S. man before and has been deported 4 times
  • Weekend politics – Rich doesn’t understand why people were so angry with the Women’s March over the weekend. Covino doesn’t really get any of it. C&R don’t understand why the White House had to address the inauguration aerial photo showing the difference in attendance and why citizens are harping on it. They agree that everyone needs to chill out.
  • Friend In Need – a 26 year old millennial reached out for advice. He was just offered a 401k by his employer, but knows that the money he is investing will only enough to live a couple of years in retirement. The listener is considering joining the military to secure his future but wonders if he should just stick out the job market to see if it turns around. Rich thinks to join the military just for the benefits may not be the best reason. Listeners who are in the military call in to give their opinion experience, and advice on joining the military.