Covino & Rich Show Recap: 1-20-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 1/20/17


Johnny Galecki – promoting his new film, Rings

Show Topics

  • Listener Black Ice is here visiting – He kept Covino and Rich out way too late. Covino is hungover and tired. He was in bed and ready to go to sleep and he dragged himself out of bed to go party. Covino doesn’t regret it, but he could have done without the last minute shots and the hangover. Covino made college boy mistakes by mixing a bunch of different alcohols.
  • The biggest empty threat of all time – People that said they would leave the country if Trump was elected president. Did anyone actually leave? Rich hated hearing people say stuff like that because it’s the biggest empty threat.
  • Covino spent all last night talking to listener Black Ice and the back of Rich’s head. When they went out to the bar and Rich physically blocked Covino from the conversation with everyone else. Whenever Rich is out with a group of people, you have to strategically place you among everyone so you don’t get blocked out by the conversation and/or go deaf because of how loud he is. There were two really attractive women hanging out with them and it’s a running joke that whenever Rich is around hot women he needs their attention.
  • Rich reveals the gender of his baby! – Spot made a super sweet video of Rich and his wife’s gender reveal and posted it to the C&R facebook page. It’s tear jerker

  • This weekend’s football predictions – Rich gives his predictions for the last four teams. Rich talks his tease bets and what people are expecting out of the weekend.
  • Johnny Galecki –  promote his new film, Rings. Talks about being on 2 successful network shows, other shows he watches, what his costars are up to, watching sports documentaries