Covino & Rich Show Recap: 12-7-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 12/7/16

Show Topics

  • This Is Us – Covino tried watching This Is Us just for Rich. He only lasted for 15 seconds of the show. He didn’t like how it started off with being intentionally sappy. Rich isn’t happy about it, he thinks Covino isn’t willing to confront his emotions. Rich wishes he would’ve tried to watch a little bit more.

  • Rich thinks Donald Trump is doing some pretty interesting things lately. Donald Trump is trying to cancel the building of the new Air Force One and made a deal to create 50,000 new jobs with a tech billionaire. Rich thinks that it’s going to be very interesting. Covino thinks it’s going to be a very bumpy road at first but hopes that it will turn out well in the long run with Trump as president.

  • Covino woke up with a profound thought – The only certainty in life is that life is uncertain. He’s trying to accept that he can’t be completely in control of every single thing in his life. Rich thinks that Covino’s stubbornness is a major hindrance in his life and it could really benefit him to be a little more open-minded. The guys begin to discuss Covino’s dreams and how the dreams relate to what’s going on in his life right now.
  • Rich found an article about what guys really want to know about you on a first date – Rich thinks that women guide women incorrectly so they go through the list and decide whether or not they are accurate. The guys for the most part agree the list, listeners chime in with their own questions that they think should be asked on the first date

  • Rich thought of Covino the other day – Rich went to get his car serviced and they dealer had a lounge stocked with bagels, coffee, wifi, and a bunch more. It reminded Rich of how Covino goes to get his free car wash at the dealer just to get coffee and cookies
  • Covino Cheap Trick – When you go out to eat and they mess up your order. give them a negative tip to make your bill smaller. Covino has hit a new low with his cheap life style. Rich saw a conversation thread online about tipping and there seemed to be consensus of people who think their parents don’t know how to tip. If you go out to eat with a parent and they pick up the bill – older people generally don’t tip the appropriate amount so the kid goes back and leaves a better tip
  • Covino’s emotional depth – he refuses to open himself up to anyone or anything, he doesn’t want to appear vulnerable, probably his biggest flaw