Covino & Rich Show Recap: 12-6-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 12/6/16

Show Topics

  • Covino watched the Duff McKagan documentary, he thought it was great and highly recommends it. He also watched another documentary. He watched another one called An Open Secret about the sex trade in Hollywood. Corey Feldman was in it talking about his experience growing up in Hollywood. Covino didn’t like it at all.
  • Rich has a thought about buying Christmas presents – Rich wants to know if there’s a proper way to bring up not exchanging gifts among adults. Covino thinks the kids need to be prioritized. Rich is starting to notice everyone rushing and worrying about purchasing gifts for everyone. At one point do you decide that  you’re not buying for every single family member.
  • Rich has two friends who are brothers that love Tom Cruise – it sparked a thought about how families all tend to like the same thing. Rich’s family is a ping pong family, Covino’s family loves Nick Cage, and Spot’s family loves Sebastian Maniscalco. Every family has their own thing.
  • Christmas music – Rich mentions Christmas songs that he has been hearing too much of lately. Neil Diamond has a new Christmas song is really cheesy and lame. The guys have a Neil Diamond-off, they take turns singing the song to see who wins. Can’t decide if the song is lame or catchy
  • A Friend In Need #1 – a listener has a 12 year old son who plays travel basketball. There is one kid on the team who trash talks and bullies the other teammates. Covino says to fight fire with fire and to have the kid stand up for himself,
  • A Friend In Need #2 – Girl Code question. Female listener is a lawyer. Female lawyers in her area dress pretty conservatively but there is one female attorney that notoriously dressed provocatively and inappropriately. Is there some type of girl-to-girl code where she should tell this other lawyer about how she’s dressing? The guys all agree that this inappropriately dressed lawyer knows what she’s doing. Covino thinks our listener needs to mind her own business.
  • A Friend In Need #3 – listener’s 18 year old sister is dating his 32 year old best friend. The listener has seen his best friend flirting with his sister before and made a point to mention that his sister was off limits. The listener does not like, but knows he can’t control who his sister dates. Covino and Rich both agree that it is a sleazy move on the part of the listener’s best friend but there’s nothing they can do. Covino says to distance himself from the best friend. At first Rich isn’t completely opposed to this, but after some thought he changes his tune. The guys find this whole thing a little weird and predatory
  • The Walking Dead – Rich finally caught up. Both Spot and Rich really enjoyed the episode. C&R both think that there is too much Negan in the show. They all agree that people are going to tire of Negan’s character very quickly if the show continues to revolve around him as much as it has this season