Covino & Rich Show Recap: 12-5-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 12/5/16

Show Topics

  • Covino was running late because of an accident, he snapchatted it – Spot yells at him for how much he is on the phone when he is driving. Covino insists that he doesn’t use his phone that much when he’s driving, Spot calls him out because it’s blatantly not true.
  • Covino decorated his house for Christmas over the weekend – he bought a star light display for his house and the neighborhood loved it. He was so excited with how the house looked, but at some point someone came and unplugged it. He’s worried someone was trying to steal it so he took it down and is going to return it.
  • Video of a man punching a kangaroo in the face – a kangaroo was attacking a dog, and the dog owner punched the kangaroo in the face. The kangaroo looks stunned and ends up hopping away.
  • What’s the actual purpose of your firearm? – a C&R listener bought a gun and it sparked a conversation among the rest of the listeners about what the point of owning a gun is. Rich thinks people should be allowed to own a gun but he wants gun owners to admit that they like guns. C&R debate the pros and cons of owning a gun and using them as well.
  • San Antonio plane crash – the video shows passengers incredibly composed when they are informed that the plane is crashing. Rich says he would lose it if his plane was crashing.
  • Muslim comedian sat next to Eric Trump on a flight – The comedian posted about his experience saying that Eric defended his father and said his father would be a great president. The comedian also mentioned that Eric Trump seemed like a robot and disconnected from the real issues. Covino thinks they should have left Trump alone during the flight.
  • Covino thought his uncle made up the “Jingle bells, batman smells,” song when he was younger. Rich and Spot can’t believe Covino thought that. Covino wants to know how that jingle spread before the internet