Covino & Rich Show Recap: 12-2-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 12/2/16

Show Topics

  • Top 3 school lunches – Covino like the pizza, push up icees, and the cookies. Rich like the push up icees and the tacos. They talk about how gross school lunches used to be but there were a few things they used to enjoy. Rich’s school used to ask them what they wanted for lunch, Covino wants to know what kind of privileged school that was.
  • Starter jackets – C&R both had them when they were younger. The guys start talking about iconic sports moments and the normal people in the background of the moments. Covino wants to meet someone who is in the background of the photos captured of those moments.
  • Pizza Song – Youtube star makes songs/videos about food. Covino found the videos and got sucked into a worm hole. The video makes everyone uncomfortable. It’s a sure way to ruin your food.

  • To be the first of something you need to be an extraordinary person – Rich thinks that Hillary Clinton wasn’t the one to be the first female president. He thinks there will be a more extraordinary person to become the first female president
  • Kidnapping story – A woman was kidnapped while she was out running. She was found three weeks later on the side of a road, shackled. There is a lot of skepticism surrounding the kidnapping. There is speculation about whether or not it’s real. Covino read that this may have been part of a sex trade ring,
  • Tomi Lahren on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah – Covino was really impressed as to how much Noah challenged her. There was no way she was going to win the argument with him. Rich thinks she’s crazy but brilliant. Despite what her views are – she has found her niche and is profiting from it.

  • Rooting for the bad guy – An armored truck in New York was left open, and a passerby picked up a bucket of gold flakes worth $1.6 million from the truck and walked away with it. Covino is completely rooting for this guy to get away with it because the truck was left completely open and unguarded
  • Early 2000 bands and songs – SR17, American HiFi, Sum 41, Simple Plan, Lit. C&R decide to play a game. They play a bunch of the popular songs from the 2000s and guess the first lines of them.
  • Rich turns down a commercial offer for the show – He took a stance and Covino and Spot were baffled. A sponsor approached them the other day, and Rich just said no. Rich likes to do commercials for products and companies that they believe in, not just anything. There has to be a line you draw for what you’re willing to sell. Covino thinks that anything that generates more for the show is a good thing. Rich thinks it would be disingenuous.