Covino & Rich Show Recap: 12-1-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 12/1/16


Alfonso Ribeiro – new season of America’s Funniest Home Videos, Cooking Channel’s Unwrapped 2.0


Show Topics

  • TV nerds – C&R mention today’s guest, Alfonso Ribeiro. The guys talk about actors who were cast as nerds or geeks and not being able to see them as any other character.
  • Outgrowing friends when you’re younger – C&R swap stories of outgrowing friendships in school or in  the neighborhood. Rich was friends with nerds and jocks, but he had friends that outgrew him. Covino had a friend who was older than him and they outgrew him and drifted apart. Growing up causes natural drifts between people and sometimes it’s not intentional and sometimes it is.
  • Rich started watching Parenthood – a listener suggested that Rich want Parenthood since he really likes This Is Us, he loves it. He really likes how it hits family issues right on the head. It deals with real issues that all families deal with.
  • Rich saw a story online that said police wanted to use Nickelback music as punishment for criminals – Rich doesn’t understand the Nickelback hate because if they were that bad they wouldn’t have been so successful. It’s an easy train to get on. There’s a lot of Nickelback songs that Covino likes and he thinks the hate comes from their look. Covino doesn’t think they’re torture worthy.
  • Covino watched the new Oasis documentary – They show how big they got in the documentary. They are shown in a helicopter looking at a festival they are headlining and they make reference to themselves as being big at that time and how things have changed since then. They consider themselves the biggest band before the digital age. Covino asks Rich if that is a true statement. Rich thinks Covino is joking, he doesn’t think Oasis was that big.
  • Will McGregor actually fight Mayweather? – Rich doesn’t think so it will ever happen. Covino notes that McGregor got his boxing license in California
  • Alfonso Ribeiro in studio – talks about his new projects, being known as a nerd due to his character, keeping in touch with old cast members, the stories… think of the stories