Covino & Rich Show Recap: 11-22-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 11/22/16


Adam Carolla and Nate Adams – promoting new documentary The 24 Hour War

Show Topics

  • Missed stock opportunities – Rich says they all dropped the ball on not investing in Netflix. The guys discuss how much  Netflix is doing and how much they have evolved. Netflix just announced a Chris Rock special and three Dave Chappelle specials.
  • Covino had a voice audition – Covino has done a bunch of voice auditions but has never gotten a call back for them. He thinks he actually might get a call back for one that he did recently, never gets feedback so he’s confused
  • Rich can’t figure out a song he heard – Rich heard a hip hop song on the radio that sampled an older AC song. He tried googling the song but couldn’t find anything on it. Rich nor could he figure out what song was being sampled. He mixed up Tal Bachman with Machine Gun Kelly.
  • Buying holiday gifts – How do you decide who to purchase gifts for when the family starts getting bigger and the extended family gets larger? Rich gets something for everyone. Covino stopped buying gifts for everyone, he says getting something and spending time with the kids is more important. Rich thinks gift cards are the worst gifts ever.
  • JFK assassination anniversary – C&R are talk about the conspiracies that surround the death of JFK. Rich wonders how different the conspiracies would be if there were cell phones back then. Spot can’t believe that the whole incident was captured by just one man on an 8mm camera. What’s the proper etiquette for visiting memorials like JFK, or the Twin Towers? Rich wonders how people could take pictures smiling at these places where tragedy struck.

  • What movies always pull you in every time when you’re channel surfing? Covino thinks that doesn’t even happen anymore because of streaming services.
  • Adam Carolla and Nate Adams in studio – promoting their new film The 24 Hour War. They discuss the new film, political correctness, the progression of documentaries, and how Carolla came to love cars