Covino & Rich Show Recap: 11-18-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 11/18/16

Show Topics

  • Thursday night football recap – Covino thinks the Saints chances are done for this season, Rich doesn’t agree. Rich doesn’t think this division is done. Covino bases his opinion  based on what he’s watched and read online. The guys argue about who is right.
  • Teacher upsets an autistic boy, making him cry – a school was putting on a Christmas show, an autistic boy went up to the microphone and a teacher ripped the mic away from him. He started crying on stage. Covino thinks it was awful, Rich doesn’t think it should be that big of a deal. Viral story

  • Investing and 401k accounts – Rich brings up how the idea of investing money and retiring is almost impossible for most people now. The cost of living goes up so much more than their pay does. The idea of a penchant is no longer around, there’s no security. C&R talk about how millennials are not as concerned with saving as much as they should be. Rich encourages everyone to invest their money early.
  • Monkey Goat – A monkey got lost and ended up with a herd of goats. It’s now best friends with a goat and clings on to his back
  • New Tinder options – there are a whole new list on gender option to choose from on Tinder. There are 37 options. C&R have no idea what any of them mean.
  • Kanye West goes on a rant – He didn’t vote this year, but went on a rant during a show saying that if he had voted he would have voted from Trump.
  • Covino Life Tip – When ordering ice cream, always ask for a single scoop but after the server is finished, as them for a second scoop. This forces them in to matching the size of the original scoop. Also applies to Chipotle.

  • Rich felt the need to knock on the door of his old apartment just to let the new tenant know that he used to live in that particular unit. Rich says it was to welcome to new neighbor, Covino thinks it was to be nosy. Rich was curious as to who was living there.
  • Friend in need – Listener is dating a guy who has a child in her son’s class. Both are recently divorced, the guy’s ex-wife is okay with it. The boyfriend doesn’t want his son to now that they are dating, the listener’s son already knows. The boyfriend does not know when he’ll feel comfortable telling his son that they are dating. She wants to know what is a reasonable amount of time to wait to tell his son? Or should she respect his decision indefinitely? Covino thinks they need to wait until it is a serious commitment before introducing the relationship to the kids.