Covino & Rich Show Recap: 11-17-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 11/17/16

Show Topics

  • Morning Mash Up’s Stanley and Ryan stop by the studio to catch up with C&R. Rich double books plans for this Friday with Stanley and Ryan.
  • Rich brings up how it feels when you send someone something but they never bring up whether they received it or not. It makes you want to you want to ask whether the person got it or not. Spot brings up the example of when they send a thank you basket to Henry Winkler. Rich talks about he sent a Mets onesie to Nicole from the Morning Mash Up for her newborn but never heard from her. The guys discuss how long is an appropriate amount of time to wait before asking if the person they received it.
  • Press Your Luck documentary – Covino watched the documentary last night. Apparently the board used on the screen was revolutionary at the time. The guy who scammed the show by figuring out the patterns. He figured out that there were five different patterns that it could be. He won $110,000 from Press Your Luck. Covino is so amazed that this guy was able to identify the pattern, get on the show, and not buckle under the pressure of being on the show.

  • Kate Upton’s tweets to the MLB in defense of her boyfriend sparks conversation between Covino and Rich about whether or not they like when their woman sticks up for them. Covino appreciates it, but it’s not always appropriate. There are times and situations where it’s okay, but they both agree that Upton shouldn’t have said anything.

  • Phil Jackson uses the term “posse” to describe Lebron James and his team – Covino think it’s ridiculous that anyone would take offense to Jackson using the word posse. He thinks it’s a slow news day, that’s why people are even mentioning it. Rich thinks it’s the biggest non-news story.
  • The new Holderness Family video – Covino might actually like this one, sparks a topic about conversation at holiday dinners, politics are going to be a hot topic this year, divert the conversations elsewhere

  • Think of the stories – reminisce about our boss insisting we have certain guests on, he said we could get good stories out of the person, reason we keep saying the phrase “Think of the stooories!”
  • A listener calls in to get an update on Covino’s pending cameo in Danny Trejo’s next film – production has been put on hold for the film but it is still moving forward. Filming is expected to begin in January 2017