Covino & Rich Show Recap: 11-16-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 11/16/16

Show Topics

  • First of all, in case you missed it, we have exclusive audio of Brendan Dassey’s last call home from prison:

  • Press You Luck Game Show – C&R talk about the old game show and the fun Whammy characters that would come out when a person lost. The game show came back at some point but it wasn’t the same. This sparks a conversation about how remakes are very rarely as good as the originals.

  • Doing something nice but it backfires – Yesterday was someone’s birthday in the office. The guys brought her a little cake and went in to the office singing happy birthday, but she was on the a really important conference call. She was so happy about it but she couldn’t react because of the call she was on. Rich brings up how at one time he converted old family tapes converted for his mother because he thought he it would be a nice and thoughtful gesture – his mother wasn’t too happy about it. Covino saw a VH1 movie about the Temptations, so he went to blockbuster to rent it and watch it with his mom because he thought she would enjoy it. The kid at blockbuster gave him the movie and when Covino put it in at home to watch with his family and it turned out to be a porn.
  • Covino living the dad life – Covino won an auction at his daughter’s school so she could win teacher for a day.
  • Rich gives stock tips – he says that there are stocks that predicted to do very well under Trumps presidency. Rich is going to do stock picks for the listeners.
  • Joel Dongsteen – A twitter bot replaces every instance of “God” in Joel Osteen’s tweets with something else. Covino wants to read a Dongsteen motivational joke every morning.

  • Friend In Need – Listener has been in a relationship for 3 months, and he told her that he deserved better. What he meant to say is that he deserved to be spoken to better. They got into an argument and she brought up what he had said previously about deserving better and he has apologized and made it clear that he just misspoke. The girl broke it off, but is still open to getting back together. C&R offer their advice to take a step back and work on things with her if he really cares about her