Covino & Rich Show Recap: 11-15-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 11/15/16

Show Topics

  • Peach emoji replaced – People are upset that the peach emoji has been replaced. The old peach emoji used to look like a butt, now it just looks like a peach.
  • Covino continues to give Rich a hard time about posting about his 11 mismatched socks. Covino can’t believe he has 11 mismatched socks, he says that most people have 11 socks total. This just proves how bored Rich gets when his wife is not around.
  • Viral story about how Bernie Sanders could become president – proves the point about how dependent people are on internet information. They don’t do any research and continue to share these false stories, Facebook cracking down on these fake stories
  • Covino shares a study about who enjoys sex more – men or women? Rich thinks women enjoy it more, just less frequently. He points out that men are really not difficult to please sexually, but women can either have really bad sex or really good sex.
  • Covino was writing a new song about Rich – Rich has gotten more sensitive over time when the  guys poke fun at him. Rich is generally a really good sport, but he wouldn’t let Covino record the song. Covino brings up how people change over time and people influence what you are willing to put up with. C&R begin to bicker about why which is sensitive. Rich thinks the show is oversaturated with the humor based around himself, Covino thinks it’s just funny and it’s no disrespect towards him – it’s just supposed to be fun