Covino & Rich Show Recap: 11-14-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 11/14/16


Andrew Santino – promoting comedy web series, Here’s the Rub

Comedian @cheetosantino is in the C&R studio. Not sure how he made it passed Rich's ginger detector but I guess we'll make the most of it #TheShow

Show Topics

  • UFC 205 – Rich thinks McGregor is likable in a villainous way, McGregor makes history, Covino thinks he’s incredibly unlikable. Rich and Spot thought there were a lot of lulls on the card, Bruce Buffer’s Steve Harvey moment, Weidman’s loss, Woodley’s butt

  • Covino is wearing a denim jacket – Rich is surprised by his fashion choice. Covino thinks the jacket is cool. C&R begin to argue about who is cooler and they all defend what makes them cool or better than the other.
  • Dave Chappelle on SNL –  Rich points out how much it made him realize that he loves the Chappelle Show. It was great to see him back and appearing on SNL. The guys discuss how it was a multi-generational issue because so many people were offended by Chappelle but so many people were also happy with the episode

  • Trumps first interview since being elected – Trump sat down on 60 Minutes for the first interview since he was elected. He tells people to not be afraid, to stop the protesting, he said he is going to be very restrained with his tweeting, and that gay rights will not be touched. The guys discuss how the protests are frustrating and they need to stop. Rich talks about how there is no way that they can understand how these minorities are feeling because they are not minorities and that minorities do not have the same opportunities.
  • Rich has 11 unmatched socks – Rich went on Facebook live this weekend to let everyone know that he has 11 unmatched socks. This all stems from his extreme boredom. His wife is out of town and he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He went to play basketball with Covino, filmed himself on Facebook live going through an old box of stuff, and even went to go visit Spot’s wife at work
  • Rich found photos of himself and an ex-girlfriend in his box of things he was going through. A bunch of listeners thought it was wrong for him to have those photos while being married to someone else.
  • Andrew Santino in studio – promoting sports comedy show, Here’s The Rub. The guys ask him to weigh in on the topic of keeping old photos of girlfriends, they discuss his growing career, and his fictional character Nikolai Popov

  • C&R recap the weekend football games – Covino watched a few football games this weekend. Rich thinks the Cowboys game was the best game of the season so far and that the match ups were great