Covino & Rich Show Recap: 11-11-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 11/11/16


Luke Thomas – SXM Host promoting UFC 205 broadcasts

Show Topics

  • Happy Veteran’s Day! Yesterday was the Marine Corp anniversary
  • Rich makes an observation – The food that you burn your mouth on more than anything else: pizza rolls and hot pockets. You are guaranteed to burn your mouth on pizza rolls no matter what.
  • Retiring political talk – the guys are having one last conversation about the political climate in the country right now. C&R discuss the ongoing protests throughout the country, people rooting against Trump, and they take calls from listeners on their final thoughts on Trump and the election.
  • NFL ratings keep going down – they are thinking about reducing commercials. Rich wants to know if our attention spans are so poor now that we can’t even sit through commercials during a game.
  • Awkward conversations with parents – Rich wants to know if anyone else’s parents didn’t have conversations with them when they started going through puberty. The guys remember how uncomfortable it was to start going through puberty and needing certain things and being embarrassed to talk to their parents about it.
  • A C&R listener asks other married C&R listeners handle paying the bills – Rich points out how each couple finds a system that works for them and they are all very different. The guys talk about how they split money with their spouses and what works for them and their marriages.
  • Luke Thomas interview – Talking UFC 205. Luke talks about the New York energy surrounding the fight, he says the hype is big right now. They discuss the most anticipated fights of the night and outcomes
  • Rich shares his weekend NFL picks – Dallas Cowboys get 8.5 in Pittsburgh, Patriots 7.5 at home against Seattle, Minnesota at Washington +9 points, Denver in New Orleans with a New Orleans win.