Covino & Rich Show Recap: 11-7-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 11/7/16

Show Topics

  • Covino and Spot when to Maria Menounos’ party she threw over the weekend. Covino and Spot agree is was an insane party – they ran into a ton of celebrities and friends. Covino says that the highlight of his night was when Corey Feldman showed up.
  • Rich is still in Texas. He went to Wurstfest and met up with Covino’s family and listeners. Rich thinks Covino’s brother is all grown up and really funny. Rich explains what Wurstfest is and how crazy the whole festival is.
  • The Walking Dead – The guys recap yesterday’s episode and discuss whether or not they would be able to survive torture. Spot thinks he could, Covino and Rich don’t think they’d make it. Covino thinks hanging out around Rich is torturous enough.

  • Rich recaps the weekend games – Rich thinks Covino couldnt care less about football, Covino disagrees. Covino says he doesn’t waste his entire Sunday watching football like Rich.
  • All the women in Rich’s family are already watching Christmas movies – The holiday celebrations start earlier and earlier every year. Covino and Rich don’t understand why it’s all started since Thanksgiving hasn’t even passed yet.
  • Trump assassination attempt, but not really – Blatant lie about the assassination attempt. It was just a protester with a sign. Trump also commented on how Obama mistreated someone. C&R talk their election predictions, what they think will happen and voting behaviors.
  • Man Up Campaign in Australia – Suicide rates among men are at an all-time high. The Man Up Campaign encourages men to cry and express their emotions in positive, healthy ways. Covino thinks crying is asking for attention.
  • Talking sex robots – They will be put on the market next year and will cost around $15,000. They have more functionality and can be completely customized.
  • Man with the worst hangover ever – A Peruvian man was found in a muddy river and was presumed to be dead. He finally woke up when he was being fished out of the river. C&R swap some of their worst hangover stories