Covino & Rich Show Recap: 11-4-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 11/4/16

Show Topics

  • Rich is in Texas – He picked the worst time to go to the airport, Spot got stuck in major rush hour traffic after dropping Rich off. Rich gets a weird anxiety before a trip, he can only relax once he gets to the airport and the plain. Rich went to go Texas for Wurstfest and to visit his wife’s family. Wurstfest is kind of like an Oktoberfest for New Braunfels, TX
  • Covino’s brother Tommy asked Covino is a girl calls him “dude,” if that’s a friend zone indicator. The guys go back and forth discussing whether or not Covino’s brother should keep trying with this girl or let it go. C&R ask how to identify whether or not a guy is being friend zoned by a girl and share rejection stories
  • Rich has a question for Covino – He’s in San Antonio, which is a really military town. Rich sees a guys who looks like a military guy – do you say something to him and thank him for his service? How do you pay proper respect when you see someone who served? Covino says anytime he has tried to do something like that it has ended up backfiring. Listeners who have served in the military call in to give the guys their thoughts on the subject
  • Cubs update – People lined up outside of a Cubs player Ben Zobrist’s house for his autograph. Zobrist stood out there with them and signed autographs and talked to the fans that were there.
  • Rich asks what are the top three parades to celebrate – Thanksgiving Day Parade, a parade celebrating a team win, and Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. Covino ended up on a float during the Puerto Rican parade once. Covino shares a high school story where he was at a transitional point in life. He played the trumpet in band but didn’t really want to do it anymore.  Covino’s girlfriend and her friends all came to watch him in a cheesy parade that he really didn’t want to be in. Covino’s mom followed him the entire length of the parade taking pictures and embarrassing him – Covino forever hates parades. Covino’s mom calls in to share more embarrassing stories
  • Covino watches Miranda sings with Steven Little – In the show, Little was in ribbon guard and they do flashbacks with a specific song. It took Covino forever to realize where the Champion song came from. It came from a terrible aerobics competition video


  • Having fun at Rich’s expense – Going back to their guest Dee Snider, when they went to take a photo Dee Snider wanted a picture of them rocking out. Spot got a really bad photo of Rich. Rich looked so out of place and it ends up being the worst photo of him ever. Covino thinks it is the funniest photo in existence. Rich is a good sport about it, Covino and Spot can’t wait to post the bad photo

  • The difference between professionals and amateurs – revisiting yesterday’s topic of comparing careers. Rich made an observation online of a professional photo from the last world series game and one from an amateur. The guys discuss the idea of just because the technology is readily available it does not make you a professional