Covino & Rich Show Recap: 11-3-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 11/3/16


Matthew Broussard – promoting his Comedy Central Half Hour and new album

Show Topics

  • Congrats Chicago Cubs! Cubs take the World Series last night. The guys recap the best moments and the intensity of the game. Rich doesn’t know why people hate on Joe Buck so much, he thinks he’s great. Covino thinks this was the greatest world series of all time. Terry Francona gave a very classy statement about their game. C&R take calls from listeners who were in Chicago last night and their excitement for the win.

  • Office manager has been having to throw out pens because someone has been chewing on them. Spot told her that he didn’t know who was doing it (even though he did), so he talked to Covino on his own and told him to stop. The office manager brought Covino a special box of pens that he is more than welcome to chew on. Covino thinks it’s ridiculous that people are complaining about the pens being chewed on

  • Matthew Broussard in studio – promoting his Comedy Central Half Hour and new album. The guys touch on growing up, his athlete girlfriend, he missed the world series to do laundry, Covino says Broussard has a great hair line, Ryan Seacrest, Guy Fieri, wanting to dislike someone but when you meet them they end up being awesome, what his motivation is behind is comedy
  • Covino thinks Rich is never accountable. Rich calls him out, but Rich never owns up to his own shortcomings.
  • Rich wants to know what infuriates you. Rich gets upset when people compare his job to someone who does a podcast from home. It’s offensive that someone thinks that the two are comparable, it really bothers him. Covino brings up the availability of technology to do podcasts of internet videos.
  • Covino has a millennial story – He went to take his daughter to dinner for her birthday. They went to a new restaurant, and there was no one there to greet them. A bunch of employees were sitting in a booth talking. Covino asks them if someone can help them, the employees told him that they weren’t on the clock and went back to her conversation. C&R discuss general poor ethic of millennials