Covino & Rich Show Recap: 11-2-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 11/2/16

Show Topics

  • Covino lost his voice – He almost called out but he didn’t. He loves his job, he didn’t want to.
  • Covino’s daughter turns seven today!  The guys look back at where they were seven years ago today. Rich was on a trip in Texas, Spot was putting together a five year anniversary show, and Covino was at the hospital. Covino thought when he had a kid he would lose how relatable was but he didn’t. Spot and Rich would give Covino a hard time and relentlessly make fun of him for the changes that were happening.
  • Cubs head to game 7 – Game 7 of the World Series is tonight in Cleveland. C&R bring up A-Rod and Pete Rose coverage of the game. They laugh at how awkward A-Rod is on television. Rich says he’s like an alien pretending to be a human.
  • Rich’s friend is having a diaper party – it’s like a male baby shower. You bring a case of diapers and a case of beer. Is it a try-hard move? Covino said they’re cool but he wouldn’t want one.
  • Woman dating older men – Rich saw a post online explaining why women want to date older men.
  • Millennials no longer shameful, especially in the realm of plastic surgery – C&R brought up how millennials are no longer shameful about altering their physical appearances and getting perks from doctors that do the work. Covino thinks it makes them feel like the celebrities that do the same thing.
  • Rich thinks that Black Mirror is today’s version of the Twilight Zone. Rich couldn’t really get in to it. Covino thinks it’s really great.
  • New Amelia Earhart theory – New findings show that she may have no died from a plane crash. Her plane crashed on an island and died as a castaway trying to survive. Evidence shows that she tried to make radio contact. C&R talk discuss what events in history they want to witness in person if they could. Spot would go back to the JFK assassination so he could actually see what happened, Covino wants to go to The Last Supper.
  • Voting in advance – Spot comments on how he thinks people are voting early or by mail more than ever. Rich asks how the best way to learn about all the propositions that are on the ballot.