Covino & Rich Show Recap: 11-1-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 11/1/16


Dee Snider – promoting his new solo album “We Are The Ones.”

Show Topics

  • Times you’ve stepped up – Instincts are never what you think they will be, Once Covino and his wife went rafting and she fell out, Covino had no instinct to save her. The guys swap stories where their instincts were way different. Covino once got punched in the face and didn’t respond right away, Rich bailed on his wife when they saw a pack of rabid dogs, Covino and Rich both ditched Spot in New Orleans when someone pulled a gun out in a scuffle on Bourbon St.
  • Rich hate the comments he’s getting from people saying he supports Trump because he doesn’t. He also doesn’t support Hillary. He thinks that anyone who really believes Trump will win are delusional. Covino thinks the new email issue will severely harm her.
  • Covino lived the dad life with his daughter last night taking her trick or treating. Rich’s dad went over his security footage from Halloween and one little kid stole the whole bowl of candy he left out.
  • Covino’s deep thought – What is the R&B equivalent of The Beatles? Rich says it’s the Temptations. Covino doesn’t know if there is anyone as big as The Beatles. Listeners chime in with their thoughts, a lot of people confirm The Temptations or Earth Wind and Fire
  • The differences between generations – Older generations have some sort of privacy or shame. Millennials have no shame. Things like plastic surgery are now flaunted on social media and there is no shame involved.
  • Dee Snider in studio – promoting his new solo album “We Are The Ones.” Snider talks about growing up a jock and transitioning into his love for music. The guys talk about his legendary career, his album, charity and various projects over the years.