Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-31-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 10/31/16

Show Topics

  • Happy Halloween – Covino lived the dad life this weekend, doing a bunch of Halloween activities with his daughter. Rich dressed up as Mario and his wife was Princess Peach. The guys discussed what the big costumes of this year were and celebrity costumes. Rich doesn’t think Halloween was ever that big of a holiday before in terms of decorating. Covino thinks it was always a holiday people celebrated, but it has definitely evolved to a new level. Play several Halloween themed production pieces throughout the day

  • Covino has a new show he wants to tell us about – Black Mirror. Covino got the recommendation from a listener, and he loved it. Each episode is a standalone episodes. The plot lines are extremely thought provoking
  • Cubs win – Game 5 win goes to the Cubs, heading to game 6.
  • Hillary emails – More Clinton emails were found and they now involve Anthony Weiner. Rich wonders if this new batch of emails will affect how people vote. Covino thinks it will depending on what is in the emails. Rich has a prediction – The popular vote is going to be very close, but an electoral landslide. The guys take calls from listeners about the elections and the new Hillary emails.
  • Ties in the NFL – such a let down, takes away the excitement
  • Ben Roethlisberger asks for Tom Brady’s jersey – video/audio of Roethlisberger asking Brady. Covino thinks it just proves how great Brady is as a player. Brady garners respect from huge football players. Covino thought that it was a really cool moment

  • A friend in need – Listener is being tagged in posts online along with 30 other people with stuff about her children. He caused a little controversy with publicly responding to the post saying he didn’t want to see these photos. He wants to know if he was in the wrong. Covino and Rich say yes, he should have just hidden this person from their timeline or just un-tag yourself from the photos.
  • A friend in need #2 – A listener’s 23 year old daughter moves back home with her and her boyfriend. The mother’s boyfriend says it’s too difficult to live with the daughter and it’s too tempting. What does she do? Rich thinks this is fake and stupid. Covino thinks that the listener should dump the guy but respect his honesty.