Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-28-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 10/28/16


Steve Howey – promoting Showtime’s Shameless

Show Topics

  • Photo illusions – the guys talk about the photo illusions that are going around the internet. The shiny legs/white paint photos and the Tom Hanks/Bill Murray photos

  • C&R best Halloween costumes – They look back at some of their best costumes from over the years. C&R talk about their Halloween plans for this year and what their costumes will be. Covino won’t be dressing up, Rich and his wife are going to be Mario and Princess Peach, Spot still doesn’t have a costume.

  • Rich brings up the idea of job trajectories when you’re in entertainment – a video of Hanson surfaced of them performing twenty years later acoustically and they sound great. Covino and Rich discuss how in entertainment, your career can peak at any time.
  • The owner of Chobani yogurt is giving 10% of his company to his employees – Rich thinks that it is a really nice gesture. The guys talk about how a lot of large companies and corporations don’t take care of their employees and how they pay so little considering the cash flow of the company.
  • Steve Howey in studio – promoting the seventh season of his show Shameless. Howey talks all things Shameless, his career, his wife and kids, and growing up on a boat. C&R also ask him to identify the optical illusions that they discussed earlier in this show.
  • Rich and Spot love Mexican food – Rich saw a nacho recipe from Guy Fieri. The nachos were put in a canister and it comes out like a nacho mountain. It makes the guys very happy. Spot made tri-tip tacos last night and Rich is bummed that he missed out.

  • Rich has a dumb thought – What little thing that makes you feel like the man? Little things that you do or that happen that make you feel awesome. A listener says that any time his teenage kid’s friends come over and think he’s the cool dad, it makes him feel like the man. Covino says for him it’s when he gets to wind down with a drink at the end of the work week. For Spot, it’s when he cooks something and it comes out very well