Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-26-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 10/26/16

Show Topics

  • Rich’s printer stopped working so he went to Spot’s to print – Rich walked in to Spot in his natural habit. Spot and his wife were making muffins.

  • Spot finally got his test results from the doctor – Spot has swimmers, but they’re lazy swimmers, his next steps
  • Cleveland Indians win game one – Rich thinks Andrew Miller is one of the biggest hidden gems in baseball right now. The guys talk about the best moments of the game. Covino thinks that the Indians had to win last night. It was an exciting game one of the series.
  • The Walking Dead – Covino saw a story online that said someone put The Walking Dead character who was killed over the weekend in an actual obituary. Covino think it’s extremely disrespectful to people who have passed away. Rich thinks it’s okay since no one probably reads the obituaries anymore. The guys discuss how relevant obituaries are. Rich thinks their outdated and pointless and Covino thinks that it’s a way to honor people who have passed away.
  • Michael Lee prediction – in 1993 Michael Lee wrote in his yearbook caption that the Cubs will go to the world series in 2016. Spot thinks it’s fake.
  • Redskins Coach – Covino wants to believe the story is fake.  Photos of Assistant Coach of the Redskins was caught peeing in a Gatorade cup on the sidelines. Covino thinks it was terrible judgement and he should be fired. Rich and Spot can’t believe Covino is serious. Rich doesn’t think there is anything wrong with this.
  • Spot brought his virtual reality goggles – Rich and Covino try them on the air. Rich could see how the goggles could become a thing, Covino doesn’t like how they work. It was disappointing all around.

  • Study shows that people that cry are stronger – Rich agrees with that since he cries at touching moments or sad moments. Covino doesn’t like people seeing him cry, he doesn’t cry easily. Rich doesn’t understand how certain things don’t evoke emotion out of people. Covino is completely emotionally numb. The willingness to let the emotion out and deal with it is what classifies someone as being strong.