Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-25-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 10/25/16

Show Topics

  • Spot is the first one out of everyone they know that has an electric car – Covino and Rich are getting a kick out of watching Spot figure out how the car works, how it charges, how little gas it uses. It reminds Rich of all the times he saw new technology for the first time. Covino was the first one out of his group of friends with a huge flat screen. Rich was the first one in his circle to have a DVR. The guys discuss the new technology that they purchased in the past and being the first in your group to have something

  • Fake alien story – fake news headlines say that Obama will announce extraterrestrial life before his term is over. A separate article mentions that there are encouraging signs coming from the stars, possible signal from aliens
  • The World Series – Game one of the world series is tonight in Cleveland. The guys talk about the movies Major League and Rookie of the Year. Covino doesn’t think Rookie of the Year was even close to being as big as Major League. Rich is convinced that Rookie of the Year was a huge movie. The guys take listener calls about which movie was better.

  • Getting ready for Halloween – C&R talk about their Halloween plans. Rich has never seen the Nightmare Before Christmas. Covino can’t believe he hasn’t seen some the most iconic Tim Burton movies. Rich says he isn’t a big fan of Tim Burton’s style.
  • Rich has a deep thought – Waterboy and Forest Gump, Tied game and 30 seconds left, But Bobby thinks Forrest was talk bad about his mom. Could Bobby stop Forrest? – Covino thinks Forrest would outrun Bobby.

  • 1 Chip Challenge – Paqui chip is the hottest chip off time. You order it, and it come in a box with just one chip. Rich isn’t big on getting the hottest hot sauce.
  • Airplanes and being overweight – two American-Samoan businessmen have filed complaints against the U.S. Department of Transportation because they believe they were discriminated agaisnt because of their weight. The businessmen were weighed before their flight, and seated in different seats than purchased to distribute the weight evenly on the plane. Rich doesn’t think people’s feelings shouldn’t matter when it comes to safety. A listener who used to fly commercial airplanes calls to weigh in on how imperative weight distribution is on commercial airplanes vs smalle/private planes.
  • Rich thinks the girls that are coming out against Trump are disgusting – Rich is not a Trump supporter but he thinks a lot of these women are coming out just to be in the spot light. One of the women that came out is a porn star and just so happens to be launching an online sex toy company.  He just thinks it’s too convenient for them and thinks it’s ridiculous.