Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-24-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 10/24/16


Sebastian Maniscalco –Why Would You Do That tour & Showtime Special

Sebastian Maniscalco returns to the studio


Show Topics

  • Covino watched a Hillary Clinton documentary over the weekend – Covino thinks she was kind of hot when she was younger. Not only was she attractive but she was the total package – she was always a leader
  • The Walking Dead recap & spoiler alert – Covino got the episode special spoiled by Facebook. The guys cover the season premiere that everyone is talking about. Negan kills Abraham, it was extremely gruesome. Another character was killed afterwards in the most gruesome television death ever
  • The World Series – the guys play over-under with ticket prices to this world series. Tickets are going for thousands of dollars. The Cubs and Indians play their first game Tuesday in Cleveland
  • Covino went to go see Korn over the weekend – Korn didn’t play two of their bigger hits. Covino misses going to live shows. Covino says it’s a toss-up between Korn and Linkin Park for being the biggest bands in the 2000’s. The guys discuss the biggest bands of the 2000’s. Listeners chime in on bands they think were the biggest of that decade.

  • Spot makes a huge purchase – Spot bought a new car over the weekend! He’s excited. His bought the Chevy Volt, it’s an electric car. Rich brings up that no matter how much you love what you have, when you see people making big purchases you kind of what what they’re getting. Spot did a lot of research on his car and is happy with what he bought. They discuss the whole car purchasing process and the different selling tactics of each dealer that they went to

  • Sebastian Maniscalco in studio – here to promote his new special, Why Would You Do That on Showtime. The guys discuss his questionable choice in wardrobe, his signature moves, his career, the Cubs going to the world series and he announces that his wife is pregnant