Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-21-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 10/21/16

Show Topics

  • Routine – everyone loves routine and when it changes it throws you off. Whether it’s a neighbor moving, someone changing jobs, someone passes away, etc…it’s different and it throws everything off when you’re used to your routine
  • Cubs won against the Dodgers last night. They are up 3-2. They are going back to Chicago to play the next game.
  • Covino is having hair problems – He thinks his hair is Bryce Harper long. He’s at a stage where he doesn’t know what hair style to go with next. He’s been wearing a hat for two weeks because he doesn’t know how to get through the in between hair stage
  • A friend in need – Listener Nick has sandy blonde hair and is starting to have white hair come through. He doesn’t know what to do with it. Rich thinks that there is a certain age where its okay to decide to let yourself go hair. If you’re in your 20s, Rich thinks you should dye it. Lister Nick is 34, Covino thinks that he’s too young to let himself go grey. Spot’s barber, Alex calls in to give his expert advice on how to deal with the grey hair and the best colors to dye it when you do have grey hair starting to show.
  • A friend in need update – C from Alberta was having relationship issues last week. C’s girlfriend distanced herself after a couple of arguments. C&R told him to back off and that she would come around when she’s ready. C’s girlfriend broke up with him.
  • What Covino and Eric Trump have in common – A few weeks ago, Covino gave a money saving tip. Covino said when you go to a fast food place, ask for a water cup and puts whatever drink he wants in it. Someone took a photo with Eric Trump at In-n-Out, Trump had a water cup in his hand but it had lemonade in it. Trump clearly listens to the show.

  • Scariest grandmother ever – These kids are in the backseat of a car antagonizing their grandmother. Their grandma keeps telling the children to stop and they don’t. She pulls a knife out on the kids to show them she’s serious. The kids immediately stop and look terrified.

  • Public outcry for Charlie Sheen to throw out the first pitch at the World Series because of Wild Thing – Sheen said he would be honored to throw the first pitch if it’s offered to him. The guys discuss other people who would be great for the first pitch.
  • New Nintendo – The Nintendo Switch is changing the way the gaming system works a little bit. You’re playing it on a little screen similar to a tablet with controllers on the side. You can insert the screen into a port connected to the television. You can then play it on your larger television screen.

  • Rich is moving to a different unit in his building –  He didn’t even tell anyone other than Spot or Covino that he was moving. He forgot to tell anyone else. He’s literally moving across the hall.