Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-20-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 10/20/16

Show Topics

  • 227 sitcom – Rich plays the intro to 227 on a throwback Thursday. The guys ask listeners to call if they know the where the tune is from

  • Final Presidential Debate – Last night’s moderator, Chris Wallace was very fair and down the middle. Rich thought he was extremely effective and on point. Covino hoped Trump and Clinton would have taken the gloves off a little bit, he was bored. Covino thought Trump did very well and felt like Hillary dodged some questions. She destroyed Trump with he answer to the abortion questions asked. Listeners call in and talk about their favorite moments from the debate, the key points and topics and who they thought won.
  • Jana Kramer on Dancing with the Stars – Rich thinks she is ridiculous hot, but has to be crazy. She’s been divorced/engaged three or four times

  • Business cards in 2016 – what are your thoughts? Covino still thinks they have an impact. The guys want to know if people still use them. Rich says no to business cards, he thinks they are pointless. If Covino is looking for a repair man, body shop, or some sort of service he still looks for a business card. They are not as important but they still make an impact

  • A friend in need – A new family moved into listener Eric’s neighborhood. The family has a child that goes to school with his children. The new neighbor’s child shows up to their home unannounced to play with Eric’s children. Eric had to turn the child away a couple times because they were having dinner or doing family activities. The new neighbors came by to exchange phone numbers so that they can ask if the child can come play in advanced. Although the families exchanged info, the child still showed up unannounced. On a separate occasion, the family dropped the kid off without asking. The caller is looking for advice on how to handle the situation. Covino and Rich think that listener Eric needs to have a conversation with the parents.
  • Yoga Pants Moms – if there is a hot yoga pants mom at your child’s school, do you tell your wife? The conversation transitions to whether or not guys have to tell their girlfriends or wives about when women hit on them. Covino says that girlfriends and wives don’t tell their significant others every time they get hit on so why should men?