Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-19-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 10/19/16

Show Topics

  • Rock n Roll Hall of Fame 2017 nominees – The guys read the list of nominees for this year’s Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Nominees include Nine Inch Nails, Tupac, Pearl Jam, The Zombies, Depeche Mode and more. There are a lot of great nominees. The guys discuss whether some of the nominees deserve to be included or if they were influential enough to be nominated.
  • Rich found the best way to be humbled – Go to an audition where they make you take your shirt off. Rich went to an audition that calls for a Caucasian men 25-40, in shape but not ripped, must be comfortable swimming and in swimwear. The casting director made him take his shirt off right away. It definitely made him uncomfortable and embarrassing – he doesn’t know how women do it.
  • Covino had a humbling experience when he was in college – after he had gained his freshman fifteen, he was on academic probation and campus probation, his wasn’t advancing in sports anymore and him and his friends jumped into the ocean the day after a hurricane. The hurricane undertow pulled him out so far in the ocean and he started to panic and his friends started calling for help. He had submitted and accepted that he was going to die and his friend went under water and swam him up over the water so he could breathe until he could reach the ocean floor and walk back on to the beach. The walk of shame from the ocean to the beach humbled him.
  • The last presidential debate – The guys are getting together at Spot’s to watch. Rich has a prediction, he thinks Trump is going to say one thing in particular that crosses all lines. Spot things the opposite – he thinks Trump will have a mapped out plan that he hasn’t had in any other debate, he’ll have substance. Vegas prop bets for the election
  • Balloon Boy – 7 years since the balloon boy incident. The little boy threw up on television. His parents lied about their son floating away in a balloon. Covino is kind of obsessed with balloon boy.

  • Dodgers and Cubs – Covino and Rich is still rooting for the Cubs but the Dodgers may knock them out.
  • It has become normal for Rich to not sleep through the night – he wakes up a few times a night. Covino wakes up in the middle of the night and looks at meme. Spot falls asleep with his phone in his hand until it falls on his face.
  • Rich found an article about where the future is going – What happened to cameras, film, and printing paper will happen with technology. Software will disrupt every traditional industry in the next 10 years. Uber is the largest taxi company but they own nothing other than software. AirBnB is the biggest hotel company, but they own nothing but a software as well. By 2030, computers will be more intelligent than humans.