Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-17-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 10/17/16

Show Topics

  • Why does Trump carry tic tacs? – Viral video of Trump Video & Family Guy mashup, Tic Tacs – It’s the cheapest breath mint. The guys discuss breath mints, favorite brands of gum and the highest selling gum. Extra, Orbit and Trident are the highest selling brands of gum. Rich asks if kind of gum or mint someone offers you says something about them.

  • Foo Fighters song “Big Me” – the guys were listening to 90’s on 9 and heard “Big Me.” They discuss how every band has one song that goes against the grain of their genre or catalog. Rich doesn’t thing “Big Me” doesn’t belong in their catalog. Covino and Rich take calls and feedback from listeners about the songs they think does not belong with the rest of their music. Get feedback from
  • Covino was so convinced that last night was the premiere of The Walking Dead that he sat through a two hour recap special, only to find out the premiere is next week. He was really upset about it. The guys discuss and recap The Walking Dead
  • Weekend sports update – The guys cover the Cowboys game, the Raiders, the non-call in the Seattle game yesterday, and excessive celebration penalties.
  • Shows Rich is watching – Out of all the new Fall series premieres, Rich will vouch for This Is Us and Designated Survivor. He really likes Pitch and The Good Place but they are supposedly being cancelled. Covino doesn’t have any interest in any of these shows. Rich and Spot thinks Timeless will get cancelled. Rich really wants to like West World but he can’t get in to it. Covino thinks that cable shows are way better than network. They have a different feel and they are just better than network television.
  • Trump and Clinton parodies and impersonators on late night television – Rich asks if SNL does so many sketches because of actual interest of it they’re just reaping the benefits of the circus that is the 2016 elections. Covino and Rich talk about their favorite impressions of Clinton and Trump. By far, they think Alec Baldwin does the best Trump impression. They bring up Ken Bone and the viral sensation he was. Rich loves Jason Sudakis’ impression as Mitt Romney. Dana Carvey as Ross Perot is Spot’s favorite