Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-14-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 10/14/16

Show Topics

  • Rich has never had Hamburger Helper – Covino and Spot can’t believe he’s never had it. The guys begin to discuss the best and worst foods their mothers made growing up, shake N bake, manwich, steakums

  • A friend in need – the guys wrap up yesterday’s friend in need. A listener and his girlfriend got into an argument. The argument triggered some similar feelings from a previous relationship she was in that involved abuse. She has become distant and has stopped communicating, she asked for time. C&R take listener feedback and provide their own advice for the listener. Rich asks where do you draw the line with someone’s baggage. Rich says you should never be in a relationship where you’re walking on egg shells. Covino thinks the relationship is still very new, he should try to work out but if it continues to be an issue maybe the relationship isn’t meant to be
  • Miley Cyrus lets fans grope her on stage – there are photos and videos of Miley performing and fans touching and grabbing her. The guys think it’s so strange.
  • The rise and fall of Ken Bone – Ken Bone is no longer a hero. People started investigating his old social media posts about Trayvon Martin, weird comments, perverted comments and people aren’t a fan anymore.
  • Corey Feldman performs on the Today Show again and it’s just as weird as the last one. He makes an comparison to how Nirvana was rejected when they first started and he is in the same boat as they were. Covino thinks it’s terrible. Maybe it’s too profound for the guys to understand

  • News Alerts –  A picture of the Prince William – Rich thinks he’s the biggest doofus. If he wasn’t born in the the royal family, he would be a major dweeb, For the first time in their history Cover Girl has a boy on the cover.
  • The mystery behind the true pronunciation behind “Covino” – Covino wants to know how to actually pronounce his last name so he asks his father. Covino has been pronouncing his last name wrong for 30 years. He has become the dumbest man alive.