Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-13-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 10/13/16


Christina Milian – here to promote Fox’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Governor Jesse Ventura returns to the Covino & Rich Show

Show Topics

  • Spot stepped in dog poop – There was a weird smell in car as the guys drove to work today but they couldn’t put their finger on what it was. Spot leaned down near Rich and smelled something terrible, he tried to tell Rich that it was him that smelled. It wasn’t Rich, Spot stepped in dog poop. Cranky Spot had to clean his shoes – his favorite way to start his day.
  • Covino and Rich go play basketball at the gym – then get challenged by some weirdo to play. According to the guys, he was a delinquent and a drug addict. Rich didn’t want to play him at all, he was kind of scared of him. The guy didn’t play any rules but C&R were too scared to tell him anything. This guy won the first game, Rich is ready to go but Covino makes them play another game. Covino wasn’t getting Rich’s awkward vibe.
  • Trump update – more women come out saying that they were molested by Trump. Rich wonders that if the Americans could, would they just start over with this election. Spot believes that this is what the American people needed to see an election like this to realize that the system is broken.
  • Billy Bush – the guys don’t think Billy Bush should have lost his job because of the Trump audio. Logically and on principal, Covino & Rich agree that he got the short end of the stick. The conversation evolves into whether or not media outlets and public figures say what they think or what the public wants to hear.
  • What dirty laundry would come out if the guys were running for president? – Spot got an underage drinking ticket, Covino was on academic probation his first year of college, Covino got caught peeing in public when he was young, none of them have been arrested. Rich wants to make fake smear ads for Covino
  • Christina Milian in studio to promote Fox’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The guys look back at the first time they interviewed her about 10 years ago. Milian remembers her first time on the show.
  • A friend in need – A listener has a relationship issue. He and his girlfriend got into an argument two nights in a row. It made his girlfriend revert back to how she felt when she was in an abusive relationship. She has become distant and will not communicate. The guys begin to touch on the subject but run out of time. They ask for listener feedback and will address the issue tomorrow.