Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-12-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 10/12/16


Ahmed Bharoocha – promoting his episode of The Half Hour and new album

Jesse Ventura – promoting his new book Marijuana Manifesto

Show Topics

  • Spot went to the doctor – Covino & Rich want all the details from his fertility doctor visit. Spot sets the scene for listeners. Rich asks if Spot finds it bizarre that there are so many unwanted pregnancies now that he is trying to conceive.
  • Last night’s Cub’s game – Giants had the hometown advantage but the Cubs played a great game and won on the road. They had a killer 9th inning.  Rich mentions that you could see and feel the momentum and nerves of the players.
  • Only 18% of Americans know how to drive a stick shift, and only 5% less are purchased. Spot likes driving stick shift, he would prefer to purchase a stick shift. The guys say it’s outdated, but Spot still wants one. Covino and Rich say that kids these days have no need to learn to drive stick shift anymore.
  • Ahmed Bharoocha in studio – Bharoocha discusses his upcoming episode of The Half Hour and his upcoming album “Almond Badoody” coming out October 14th.

Ahmed Bharoocha on the Covino & Rich Show

  • Bharoocha sits in with the guys for Rich’s headlines, he comments on Miley Cyrus saying she’s pansexual. Rich asks if Segal would be able to compete in MMA if it was around when he was. Tinder murder – a woman gets murdered on a tinder date. Covino read a story where someone committed suicide on facebook live, Clown Lives Matter March, Ken Bone on the Presidential debate, NBC held on to the Trump audio for months before it was released – they wanted to release it to mess up the debates.
  • Jesse Ventura in studio – He discusses he new book, Marijuana Manifesto, his book signing tomorrow in Santa Monica, the presidential elections and how the two party system is rigged. He was an outcast when he was governor and is not happy with how the elections are running in this country. He has the ideas and plans around healthcare, terrorism, and how to run the country. He responds to Collin Kaepernick kneeling saying that we do not have the right the mandate patriotism. The military fights for his right to kneel

Governor Jesse Ventura returns to the Covino & Rich Show