Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-11-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 10/11/16

Show Topics

  • Rich is back from NY – He is so happy to be back in his own home. He stayed at a few different people’s places while in New York, but no matter how hospitable friends and family can be, it’s not the same as your own home. His biggest gripe was that no one had great shower heads
  • Covino and Spot recorded new parody songs. They debut them for Rich’s return to the west coast – Covino made his own versions of the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen videos. They get mixed feedback from listeners about whether they like the songs. Making the world a little dumber with his parodies makes Covino happy. Rich isn’t a fan of the songs.


  • Monday Night Football recap – Carolina lost again. Cam Newton does well when they win but when they lose, he pouts really hard,
  • MLB Update – Big Papi retired last night. Rich can’t remember the last time there was that much coverage for a player retiring, especially since it was a playoff game there was even more coverage than usual. The guys bring up how people have to film every moment on their phone. Rich thinks everyone should take a couple pictures but then just enjoy the moment.
  • Alternative love therapy viral video – Reminiscing about Dry Humping, Rich says it’s the same as being a stripper, guys would let a girl dry hump them for therapeutic reasons
  • Male Kim Kardashian – He is so obsessed with Kim Kardashian that he has done everything in his power to look like her, especially his butt
  • Billy Bush getting the short end of the Donald Trump audio leak. Covino doesn’t feel bad for him. Rich thinks that as an interviewer, he had a job to disarm Trump. Rich also thinks that no man would correct another man making the comments that Trump had.
  • Four high school teams in Washington are forfeiting their games against Archbishop High School because the students of their football team are huge kids. Covino thinks its ridiculous that these teams are forfeiting. They are playing football, they should know what they’re getting in to. C&R take calls from listeners with their commentary on the topic.
  • Rich makes Spot tell a personal story – Spot is trying to have children, but there is a genetic issue that runs in the men in his family that makes it difficult. He has to go to the doctor today to run some tests to make sure he can have kids