Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-10-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 10/10/16


Diedrich Bader from the new ABC comedy, “American Housewife” Tuesdays at 8:30p on ABC

Show Topics

  • C&R discuss the presidential debate: Kenneth Bone, an audience member who asked a question to Trump went viral overnight. Bone was wearing a bright red sweater that caught the ye of everyone. He has been on the news with everyone.
  • The guys agree that neither of the candidates are qualified to run the country. Rich felt that Hillary Clinton was more unlikeable than usual. Covino felt that Trump seemed more confident and stronger. Rich felt that the female moderator was rude to Trump and not Clinton. Covino doesn’t think anyone won that debate
  • C&R bring up the “Locker Room Talk” video that was leaked over the weekend. Covino admits that he is all about locker room talk but would never say anything like that nor does he think that was Trump said can be brushed off by calling it locker room talk. Spot doesn’t think that Trump means literally be aggressive with women, Rich agrees. Covino thinks that if anyone is surprised by Trump’s comments, they are delusional. C&R take feedback from listeners to get their opinions on what Trump said. They don’t think that Billy Bush should be penalized for the video since he was the interviewer
  • MLB/NFL Update – the guys touch on the weekend games. They discuss who won, who lost and headlines that surfaced throughout the weekend, Odell Beckham makes up with the kicking net
  • Diedrich Bader in studio – here to promote his ABC comedy “American Housewife.” C&R talk about his notable roles in Office Space and Napoleon Dynamite, his voice acting career, growing up in France then moving back to the states and how he got in to acting at a young age