Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-7-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 10/7/16


Danny Masterson – Netflix’s The Ranch

Show Topics

  • It’s Rich’s birthday! Rich went out last night with some friends and the night got away from him. He’s not really sure how it happened. His original plan was to just have drinks with his friend. Drinks with his friend turned in to drinks with another friend. Rich ends up running in to Ronnie and Gangi from the Stern Show while heading home who invite him to a Rich’s Cabaret. After the strip club, Rich ends up drinking and singing karaoke. Rich picked a song that was a dud. Covino makes fun of him for always picking songs that fail. He a fun night.
  • Covino asks the question of whether or not you tell your significant other about going to a strip club. Rich says he does and doesn’t see a problem with it. Spot says that giving your significant other a heads up about going to a strip club is passively asking for permission. Listeners chime in with their opinions on the subject
  • Covino’s mom calls in to wish Rich a happy birthday. She ends up scolding Covino on the air for his dirty mouth! She said he used to be the perfect kid and then he went to college and came back completely different. He had awful influences. Take a listen:
  • Family dynamics – Covino’s father has a drastically different relationship with his daughters than he has with his sons. Rich thinks he has the most adult relationship with his father than with his other children. The guys discuss how relationships vary between parents and siblings. When you hear about those differences in dynamics, it throws you off because that may not be the dynamic you have with that specific relative.
  • Rich was on the Opie show yesterday – Rich unintentionally stirred the pot a bit on their show and channel. There was an awkward dynamic when he was there because of the split with Opie & Jim. Rich brought up how Hits 1 abandoned him. He didn’t really know when to jump in and add to the conversation.
  • Deep thought – Covino feels like he was kind of robbed of his Mexican culture because his grandfather passed away before he was born. He feels like he would have grown up much more aware of his original roots if he was around. Rich thinks it’s important to pick the brain of the oldest family member so that you can get those stories and culture that is important.
  • Danny Masterson in studio – promoting his Netflix show The Ranch 2. He talks about the start of his career, growing up in Long Island, and how his career evolved to where it is today, his family being in the entertainment business, his sister is currently on The Walking Dead