Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-6-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 10/6/16

Show Topics

  • The Mets lost last night – Rich said he’s not as bummed out as you would think because of the loss. He agrees that the Giants played a great game. Rich got to hang out with his friends, see his dad, and have a good time. Spot and Covino make it a “Cheer Up Rich Davis” day, Rich said it’s not necessary! Rich gets annoyed with Spot and Covino

  • Covino brings up Dallas Braden’s hair awful hair on ESPN last night. The jheri curl is absolutely terrible and can’t believe that anyone even let him walk around like that

  • Covino asks Rich about his mom’s boat. She never really took care of the boat properly and it was unable to be sold. They lost the investment on the boat.
  • Baby Bear Bouffant – a nine-week old baby has the most incredible head of hair. The guys are absolutely amazed by the hair this baby has. Doctors said they had never seen a child with so much hair.

  • Rich’s New York commute – Rich mentions how packed the New York commute is. He was pressed up against strangers on the train this morning, he doesn’t miss it. Covino likes his L.A. commute. They have gone soft with their easy commute in L.A. They have no traffic on their way to work and can drive in the comfort of the car.
  • New Update – a man in L.A. tries to evade cops, he tries to hop a fence but he can’t. Spot brings up Hurricane Matthew and the devastation it has caused so far. A listener and Florida calls in with an update with how the hurricane is effecting where he is right now.
  • 1986 was a great year for movies, music, and television – The guys play a montage clip of some of the best music in ’86. Rich brings up movies that were great and Spot touches on television. Covino didn’t realize that 1986 was such an influential year until much late. When he was young he didn’t care too much about it.

  • Viral video – video of a wedding where the new bride did a dance for her husband. Covino hates it. There’s something about the video that doesn’t sit right with him. He thinks she did it so she could make a spectacle of herself. Rich doesn’t think it’s inappropriate at all but it is definitely self-serving