Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-5-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 10/5/16

Show Topics

  • Rich is broadcasting from New York – He took an Uber pool for the first time. He thought it was very odd being stuck in a car with multiple strangers. Rich recommends it if you know you’re going to be the first drop off in the pool, you should definitely do it. Rich forgot how much he hates public transportation.
  • Covino brings up how being back in your old stomping grounds brings up feelings from back in the single days. Rich went out with friends in New Jersey. Covino thought he would have better stories, but instead Rich was pretty boring last night since it was a Tuesday night

  • C&R discuss baseball updates – Encarnacion’s home run, Orioles lost last night. Buck Showalter makes a potentially offensive comment to Sam Ryan. C&R thought that last night was great broadcasting for baseball.

  • Framing – Rich wants to know who makes up the frames that are in your home? Are there people who you feel need to be in those photos or do you put pictures of people from different chapters of your life? Covino thinks frames in the home are for family and people you want to remember. Rich asks whether or not pictures should be swapped out if friendships end. Covino thinks that there should be a family history displayed in photos you decide to frame in your home.
  • Late Breaking News – Chipotle will now be offering chorizo as a meat option at their locations.
  • Vice President Debate – They take calls from listeners with their opinions on the debates. Pence had a lot of conflicting values, Kaine was on the attack. Kaine did a better job defending his running mate but Pence was very composed throughout the debate. Rich didn’t think the debate was impactful. He doesn’t think that Kaine or Pence are capable of swaying anyone’s vote.

  • Rich is having lunch with the boss today. Covino wants to make sure that Rich sells the show and tells them that they want to do more!
  • Covino tries to redeem himself from yesterday’s terrible mexican word of the day – he reads two mexican words of the day. They were still terrible.