Covino & Rich Show Recap: 10-4-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 10/4/16


Kevin Pollak – new movie “The Late Bloomer”

Show Topics

  • Covino is oddly protective of his phone – He won’t let anyone touch it even if he is showing someone a photo on his phone. He gets very uncomfortable. Rich and Spot find it incredibly strange.
  • Earthquake warning – The guys touch on the earthquake warning here on the west coast. Rich’s advice was to not be at the wrong place at the wrong time.  A listener calls him out on his stupid advice.
  • Click bait – C&R talk about click bait articles and how the advertisements get you nothing. Covino falls for click bait all the time. Rich talks about how advertisements and sponsored articles have taken over credible news sources.
  • Rich found an article where a woman says she ate her twin in the womb. They found teeth, brain matter, and hair in her stomach when she was born.
  • No sports writers take accountability when they are incorrect – Covino is upset that no one takes accountability. Spot brings up statistical probabilities and how they calculate their predictions.
  • Listeners call and ask about Opie & Jim – C&R try to address the questions as best as they can but all they know is what they’ve heard, they don’t have any actual facts. All they know is the gossip they’ve heard from everyone else. Covino and Rich are just worried about their own show and worried about making themselves a better show.
  • Vice Presidential debate is tonight – Rich talks about  Trump admitting to not paying to his federal taxes for years. Covino mentions that Trump’s arrogance is what probably upset people, it seemed like he was gloating.
  • Rich brings up an article he found – A survey showed that a startling percentage of Americans don’t have more than $1000 in the savings accounts and a smaller pecentage don’t even have a savings account. If an emergency came up today, they wouldn’t be prepared to pay for it. Covino brings up  how people are living differently now. He believes that this generation is living for the moment and not thinking far enough ahead.
  • The Beautiful People Club – there’s an exclusive club in L.A. that caters only to beautiful people. You go on the website and you submit a photo and they accept you or deny you based only on your looks. It’s a dating site where they have to be up to a certain beauty standard. Covino would rather go to a club where everyone is unattractive so that he can feel better about himself. He likes finding the diamond in the rough. The guys go on to argue about what the term “diamond in the rough” means. Listeners call in to weigh in on who they think has the correct argument.
  • Kevin Pollak in studio – here to promote his new film that he directed, The Late Bloomer. He settles the argument of what “diamond in the rough” means, looks back on his episode of Who’s The Boss?, and his past work as an actor and comedian.