Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-30-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 9/30/16

Show Topics

  • C&R talk about diet and weight loss – Rich asks if you don’t maintain your diet and workout regiments, are you setting yourself up for disappointment? They discuss friends who have lost weight then gained it back. They realize just how often people think about food.
  • Eric Byrnes thinks that the computer technology for baseball calls need to be implemented for accuracy. Covino agrees with Brynes – Umpires need to be able to make the right calls. The technology is detrimental for accuracy. C&R take feedback from listeners who agree and disagree with the use of technology for making calls during games. Covino doesn’t think that umpires or referees need to be eliminated but their job is to make the right calls so why not use the technology?
  • Jose Fernandez’ funeral was yesterday. His ex-girlfriend of three years has addressed on social media how great Fernandez was and how upset she is by his death. Covino wants to know how someone who begins dating a widow or someone who lost a partner to death measure up. How do you compete with a person who has died?  C&R take feedback from listeners who have been in this situation. Rich thinks it takes an extremely confident partner to be able to deal with that without becoming resentful or upset.
  • Fake implant technology- a fake article was released about implant technology that would keep track of your significant other and see if they were cheating. C&R wonder if people would even use that technology if it available and if so, how horrible the relationship has to be to take those measures.
  • Who invented the high five? – C&R look up where the high five originated from. It can be traced back to Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke of the 1977 Dodgers.
  • Rich shows Covino the 50th Country Music Awards ad – he brings up how country, pop, and hip hop love to do collaborations with other artists even if they are in different genres but that doesn’t seem to be present in rock music. Covino does not like country – he hates the fake twang of the singers and doesn’t think there’s anything unique about it