Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-29-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 9/29/16

Show Topics

  • The show is back after a week of vacation – Rich recaps his Hawaii vacation, Covino spends his time on snapchat & at the L.A. County Fair.
  • Covino listened to the Best Of shows while they were off and really loved what Spot put together. He looked back on his interviews and he feels like he’s changed so much over the last 10 years. He’s happy with not only his improvement but the show as a whole.
  • Hawaii Vacation recap – Rich wasn’t too impressed with Honolulu, his favorite place in Hawaii was Maui. He feels like he reached his fun limit on vacation, he was ready to come home on his last day.
  • Tim Tebow’s first pitch – Tim Tebow was recruited by a Mets instructional league. His first pitch ended with a home run. C&R discuss other athletes who had crossed over from the NFL to the MLB.
  • Dicky Doo Movie Reviews – Rich watched two movies on his flight to Hawaii – Neighbors 2 and Pop Star. He didn’t care too much for Neighbors 2 but he thought Pop Star was fantastic. He recommends Pop Star to everyone who enjoys silly, stupid humor.
  • Rich caught up on all of the new television premieres for this season – Designated Survivor, Pitch, and This Is Us were great and highly recommends them. Rich may have cried on his flight watching This Is Us. Covino is excited for Dice season 2 but refuses to watch any of Rich’s recommendations.
  • Rich has a hotel air conditioning trick – Rich loves to have his hotel room very cold. He learned how to bypass the thermostat and make the temperature even colder in hotel rooms. If you hold down the auto, display and the up button at the same time then release them simultaneously – the temperature will go down to 60 degrees and it will turn off the automated air.
  • Rich wants to know if Covino needs to unplug to relax. He thinks it’s a weird old school mentality. He likes to check in while he’s away. They guys wonder if people that like to unplug are people who hate their jobs so much that they don’t want to deal with it at all when they don’t have to.
  • The presidential debate – Rich watched while he was on vacation. Covino thought they were boring. Rich doesn’t think the debates will change anyone’s thoughts. People have already decided who they are voting for, they thoughts won’t change because of the debates.
  • Covino’s headlines – A baby born in Bangladesh that looks like an 80 year old man, Jose Fernandez’ passing, a tortoise that was lost in 1982 was found in a man’s attic, people are upset and offended by an OCD t-shirt that is being sold at Target.